Silver set n° 1

1 of 2 silver sets I've ever made: 40 DE [criss-crossed & smooth wrappies]
So do you need a tutorial how to make these criss-crossed ones? Coz I think it's easy as hell.
Oh and my customer discover a new name for them: "ziggy-zaggy dreads" - I like it :)


Last time we replaced criss-crossed with these:

The old black ones get fluffy after many days of wearing (personally I LOVE this effect)
so that's why her head is "bigger" now :-))

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  1. i absolutely love love the ziggy zaggy black and silver set.. i have been searching everywhere for my idea of a beautiful set for myself and this is it. your so talented! how can i get them??

    1. You can't now :( I'm closed for orders.

  2. What about now? I want it!

    1. Now I can take one or two orders, feel free to write me via my FB page: https://web.facebook.com/MerrysSyntheticDreads