Dread FAQ

First read, then ask :)

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How long can I wear fake dreads?
As long as you want :) But remember that you have to "refresh" your hairdo after 3-4 weeks
when dreads are slided down a little bit - just put off a visible and not-looking-good ones
and braid them in again. Personally I prefer to put off a whole set when I need it, give my head a break
and installed them again after a day or two or whenever I want.

How to installed them?
Just braided them into your hair and catch with a rubber. I'll put here some tutorial soon!
Check these tuts so far: [link]

How to wash my dreads during wearing them?
As always (kind of a shampoo doesn't matter) but not that often as in the case of your own hair.
Of course if you want to wash them every day - you can do it but it's not necessary. The perfect advise about the dread-washing is: do it when you need it. Remember that a frequent washing routine makes the smooth classic dreads & wrapped dreads more loose and hairy! That's a part of their beauty. If you don't want your dreads to change their look at all - choose crocheted ones. :)
Dreads dry longer than hair so do not wash them before going out ;) And don't use any conditioners!
After putting dreads off I usually wash them in the washing machine (crocheted) or I handwash them
in warm water with my fav shampoo (classic & wrapped) . I also avoid swimming during wearing dreads because it is just not comfortable - your head is heavy as hell when the dreads go wet
and it doesn't let you enjoy your activity.

How many times can I installed the one set of synthetic dreads?
My dreads are able to be re-used again and again and they will look good for a very long time.
Of course they are not immortal (except the [crocheted dreads], they actually are.) so after some time
of wearing you can refresh them - there's very easy way to do this: [tutorial]

How long does my hair need to be to installed dreads?
Around 3" for dread kit. For dread falls your hair should be long enough to form a bunches.

Will they damage my hair? 
As long as you installed them well they will not damage your hair. Before I make my own
tutorial you can see how lady from Doctored Dreadlocks does it (I do it in the same way):

What are dread falls? 
Dread falls are hairpieces worn on a day-to-day. It's easy and quick to attach them
so they're perfect for a parties, photo sessions etc.

Can I obtain the natural effect with the fake dreads on? 
Of course! It's not the same as natural dreadlocks but it's possible to make an illusion. If you
want to mix your natural color with some different - I recommend the harlequin dreads pattern
to do this. Then 1/2 of double ended dread in your color is attach to your hair and braid is almost

How many bags of hair I need to make a dread set?
It depends on bags. Sometimes there's a lot of hair in them, sometimes tragically not much.
I usually use around 10 bags for 50 double ended dreads (standard thickness, wrapped and normal).

Where do you buy hair?
- buyhair.co.uk
- ikickshins.net

Steamer or hair iron?
Both! I use hair iron (Remington, 230°C max) to make classic, smooth dreads like these.
Steamer is perfect to make thick and wrapped dreads like these. Brand doesn't matter, there's only
two important things: 1200 watt + being comfortable in use :-)