Hello again, Rainbow!

Do you remember that epicness [link]?
The black base this time + fewer but brighter colors. I would LOVE TO make also an inverted version someday... a rainbow top with black or blonde tips! Is anybody inclined? ;-)

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  1. How you made these dreads, they look so nice^^ Im from germany and i want to make me dreads too. =)

    1. dear Anonymous there are a tons of good tutorials on web, just watch some videos, read some advices and practice, practice, practice! you can also join that fb group http://www.facebook.com/groups/203460716357500, it's very helpful for the beginners :)

  2. I have made dreads a few times before, and they never come out as great as this. Yours are thicker and kind of "lumpy". I would love to be able to make dreads similar to yours. What do you do, that the various other dread makers in the videos I have seen, do not?