Mossy forest

Here's the 2nd prize in my Dread Contest: II Edition!

The winner wanted to get a misty mossy forest as a dreads so... here it is :-) My very first (and I'm afraid very LAST) crocheted natural style ones. It was sooo hard (and long...) to make them but the effect's worth it.

Base color is olive from Diversity Hair (UK) + dark golden brown, dark autumn from ikickshins.net

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Picture of the forest source: www.worldisround.com


  1. would be fun to see them in! looks gorgeous :D

  2. Ty wiesz, że uwielbiam Twoje prace :):)

  3. @Nea: I'm waiting for the photos too :-))
    @Pandzia: mrrruh ♥

  4. Niesamowite :) Pozdrawiam :)

  5. Dziewczyno, no wymiatasz po prostu, ale co ja Ci będę pierdaczyć, pewnie peany słyszysz na każdym kroku... Gratuluję rzadkiego talentu, wow wow.