Here's one of my favourite sets - made for my Mom :-)
Colors: black, three shades of grey, natural and platinum blonde.

Our cat fits perfect to this hairstyle!



Pics above was taken in the morning light so her head was silver then.
This set had many faces, just look - it's more blonde here:

The perfect color adjustments is what I like the most:

Aaaand in the end we sold these dreads - their new owner curled them!
How to do it? Here's some nice tutorial: [link]
Using the steamer except of boiling water is more comfortable of course ;-) Just try!

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  1. ma mloda twarz i postarzajaca grzywke/kolory :(

  2. abstrahując od tego, iż kwestie grzywki i kolorów są nietykalne w jej przypadku nie zgadzam się :) grzywki odmładzajo fchuj!

  3. Hey! Im new with dreadmaking and i need your advice! : ) if im looking for this kind of result, how many packages i need to buy? Thanks!

  4. Its nice to see an older woman with dreads. Your Mom rocks. I'm 50 myself and love dreads, but I rarely see women my age, bold enough to wear them. If you have other older clients, can we see some more posts about them?